“Take the science and technology road, make the high-end machine” is the business purpose of haixiong

Company Introduce

ningbo haixiong plastic machinery co. LTD,Located in "the capital of Chinese plastic machine"—Beilun science park, ningbo city, zhejiang province,covers more than 70,000 square meters,The building area is more than 50,000 square meters,Professional production of "haixiong" brand high-grade precision plastic injection molding machine。“Take the science and technology road, make the high-end machine”Is the business purpose of haixiong

Haixiong company is a group of plastic injection molding machine development, processing and manufacturing, assembly and debugging,Long-term commitment to fine management and zero defect construction,It has formed a series of haixiong features, which are represented by small, straight press, medium connecting rod machine and large scale machine,Main thrust HXM servo energy saving series,The combined force is from 65 tons - 3,000 tons

Strong research and development capabilities、Excellent processing equipment、Professional after-sales service、Honest management style,Let haixiong's products sell well across the country, exported to Russia, South America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions。we has established perfect sales and service network in guangdong, fujian, sichuan, hubei, Shanghai, jiangsu and tianjin,The marketing system for the domestic and international market, which is the core of haixiong brand



70000 + square meters

The company occupies more than 70,000 square meters, construction area of over 50,000 square meters

3000 tons

Haixiong HXM servo energy-saving series, oil and electricity complex machine, clamping force from 65 tons -3000 tons

100 + business outlets

Products sell well all over the country, has opened hundreds of business outlets at home and abroad


"Take science and technology road, made high-end machine" is the business purpose of the sea

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